Netmaker WireGuard

Welcome to the Netmaker K8S Guide

Netmaker enhances Kubernetes clusters by providing flexible and secure networking for cross-environment scenarios, for instance:

  • Create clusters that span environments

  • Remotely access a cluster from an external source

  • Remotely access an external source from a cluster

  • Bridge cluster networks

  • Use spot instances to cloud burst (temporary compute)

  • Create a NAT Gateway for secure cluster internet access

This guide covers these use cases, in addition to explaining core concepts, how to deploy, and troubleshooting.

Core Concepts

Some fundamental challenges with Kubernetes networking, and why you might use Netmaker to solve these challenges.


A discussion of the various ways to deploy Netmaker and the Netclient.

Distributed Cluster Guides

Detailed guides for running distributed Kubernetes clusters with Netmaker.

Additional Guides

Detailed guides for solving various networking challenges on Kubernetes with Netmaker.

Additional Resources

Links to other resources that may be helpful.